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Gardening 2.0 Review

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App Aims: Gardening Gadget for the Green Thumb Guru

Reviewer’s Comments
Every gardener knows that a vegetable grown in your garden always tastes better than one purchased from a grocery store. Knowing when and where to plant, and when to harvest is very important in producing great-tasting fruits and vegetables in your own garden.

Gardening is the perfect iPhone app for any green thumb looking for a convenient reference tool to use in planning and harvesting a garden. The app is very easy to use and includes a database of plants, a harvest tracker specific to your garden, helpful information about each plant and a to-do list.

The database of plants includes regulars such as tomatoes, peppers, and carrots, and even some less appreciated veggies like Swiss chard, lima beans, and bok choy. Each plant also has a wiki link for pictures and more information about similar species.

One of the most helpful aspects of Gardening is the amount of information contained in the database. The wiki link is really only needed if you would like to see a picture of a plant. Information for each plant includes average harvesting times, color and shape of the fruit or vegetable, a description of the leaves, vine, bush, etc, growth expectations such as how tall or wide it will grow, preferred soil conditions like temperature and pH level, and even explains potential issues with each plant type.

Gardening doesn’t get specific in the species. If you are looking for information on white currant tomatoes, you will have to add a note to the already existing “tomato” database entry. Gardening also allows you to create new entries if needed.

Another feature missing from Gardening is the ability to take pictures of plants in your garden which would be very helpful to track successes and shortfalls from year to year.

Whether you are a seasoned garden guru, or just starting out with your first tomato plant, you will find Gardening to be a useful tool to have around.