InnTouch 1.1 Review

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App Aims: Finding The Perfect Idyllic Escape

Reviewer’s Comments
Reawaken the romance in your relationship with your significant other by planning a stay at a charmingly unique inn or Bed & Breakfast. The InnTouch app by American Historic Inns is here to help you find the perfect spot for your tryst. This app makes finding that spot simple. It provides a list of featured B&Bs from across the country or search nearby to find a great weekend getaway. You can see high quality photos of each establishment, usually the exterior and several of their rooms, along with the options to call, email, view their website or find driving directions. There’s a blurb written for each business that gives you an idea of cost, number of rooms, amenities, and a description of the inn’s style.

If a trip isn’t in the budget, you can still use the InnTouch app to recreate the ambiance at home with the recipe feature. The app has over 1000 recipes from B&B’s all over the country in dozens of categories, many with photos so you can see how the food is presented.

There are just a couple of shortcomings in this great app. While this newest version states that the photo scrolling has been improved, it could still use some work. The scrolling movement is jerky and the images tend to pause for a moment and then jump ahead in the sequence without any input from you. This gets frustrating when all of a sudden you end up with the bottom half of one photo at the top of your screen and the top half of the next photo at the bottom of the screen while you’re trying to scope out the business. The other omission is the ability to read the reviews that some of the establishments have. In the list view of the different B&Bs, the business names have a star rating below them but there’s no way to access the review or add your own without going to the online site.

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