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Sports iPhone Apps Reviews

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Sports iPhone Apps

What is a Sports iPhone App?

Sports apps run the gamut from statistics tracking in fantasy sports and draft days to NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, PGA, Nascar, and Formula One racing, not to mention score tickers for practically any competitive sporting event. If you’re into skiing, there are apps for tracking snow totals viewing ski runs. If you’re a golfer there are apps to keep your score, figure your handicap, provide satellite imagery of the course and improve your swing. About the only thing they won’t do is carry your clubs. This is just a small sampling of the types of apps available in the Sports category. Suffice it to say that you’ll certainly be able to get your fix with Sports apps on your iPhone or iPod touch.

What to Look for:
After using several apps we found these factors to be important for a Sports iPhone app. Consider these points when considering the apps that best suit your needs. It goes without saying that, the best apps, no matter what category they fall into, utilize the iPhone’s features and capabilities in unique and interesting ways.

iPhone Sports apps should have a range of features. Some support streaming videos, others handle scores and statistics. Some apps even help you translate referee signals and provide the official rules for most major sports. The apps that function as a mobile front-end for online sites should contain useable aspects of the web site.

The UI (user interface) for a Sports app should be cohesive and organized. If you have to search for elements of the app, you won’t use the program. If the app takes advantage of the device’s features such as the GPS, camera, accelerometer or touch screen, even better. The best Sports apps will employ multiple components in a polished interface.

Sports apps can have a lot of graphics or limited images but all should have clearly identifiable buttons, use font sizes that are easy to read and images that take advantage of the beautiful display.

App stability is critical for any iPhone app. It affects how often you actually use the program. If it crashes, freezes or loads slowly, you simply won’t use the app out of frustration.

Program Size:
Some Sports apps require very little memory but there are a number of apps that contain video and lots of images so the program size is very large. You’ll need to keep an eye on your memory capacity if you choose to download the larger apps.

Most iPhone apps don’t require a lot of support however, an email address for specific questions and requests is very helpful as is a FAQs page. Some developers have incorporated an open-forum that allows them to interact with the user more effectively.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, armchair quarterback or simply a fan-addict the iPhone Sports apps brings you the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. They may also help you achieve the first and avoid the second! If these programs appeal to you, be sure to check out our Online Sports Tickets Services reviews to score tickets to the big game.