MoodCraft 1.0.0 Review

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PROS / MoodCraft has an intuitive interface that all ages can enjoy.

CONS / The number of design options is limited.

VERDICT / MoodCraft makes it very easy to create, edit and share unique emoticons.

App Aims: Put On a Happy Face

Sometimes a simple smiley face doesn't accurately portray how you feel. MoodCraft, by CogniFit, lets you create emoticons with a wider range of emotional expression. This iPhone app enables you to edit the color, shape and style of your mood. You can then share your unique emoticon with friends or strangers. The app is simplistic in nature, but it is a fun and creative way to express yourself.

Once you download MoodCraft to your phone and create a profile, you're ready to start building an emoticon. The app starts you off with the standard yellow smiley face, and then it is up to you to make it your own. You can adjust the color, size and shape of your emoticon as needed.

MoodCraft lets you change the type of eyes, eyebrows, mouth and accessories with the touch of a button. However, there aren't very many design options in each submenu. It's usually limited to two or three options. This app does allow you to purchase additional design options, such as hairstyles, for an additional cost. However, even then, the majority of extra options are on the accessories tab. We would have liked to see more design options in this app.

After you're satisfied with your creation, you can name your emoticon and explain why you feel that way. MoodCraft also gives you the option to tag your friends if you want. You can then share your mood on Facebook or Twitter. You can also view trending moods of people around the world. Follow people who entertain you with their moods, and build a following by creating fun new emoticons of your own.

The News section of this app will notify you of new followers who commented on your moods, and what moods your friends are talking about. You'll also be able to see what people think of you by which moods they tag you in. These notifications are sent in real time, so you will be able to see how people are feeling the moment they submit their moods.

This app is so easy to use that even small children can enjoy it. Opening and using the app is simple, and creating an emoticon is fairly straightforward. That being said, the simplistic nature of this iPhone app may cause you to tire of it quickly. After all, creating a bunch of faces can lose its luster quickly. The social networking aspect of this app is what can make it fun for a longer period of time.


By using MoodCraft, you can creatively express how you feel, or just make funny faces to entertain your friends. It's easy for children and adults to create, edit and share their faces with friends and family. You can also view the moods of people around the world and make new friends. The design options of this iPhone app are limited, however, and you can't edit the smiley faces as much as you might like. Nevertheless, MoodCraft is a creative way to express how you're feeling to the world.

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