Social Networking iPhone Apps Review

What is a Social Networking iPhone App?

Social networking includes blogs, instant messaging (IM), texts, email, and online networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace. The iTunes App Store contains well over 250 different apps to help you enlarge your circle of friends, business associates and even customers from wherever you may be with a few taps of your finger.

Social Networking iPhone Apps: What to Look For

After using several of these apps we found these factors to be important for a social networking iPhone app. Consider these points when searching for the apps that best suit your needs. It goes without saying that, the best apps, no matter what category they fall into, utilize the iPhone’s features and capabilities in unique and clever ways.

iPhone Social Networking apps should have a range of features. Some support photos, others handle instant messaging or personalize emails. The apps that function as a mobile front-end for online networking sites should contain aspects of the web site and the more, the better.

The UI (user interface) for a Social Networking app should be cohesive, organized and well thought out. If you have to search to find elements of the app, you’ll likely not use the program. If the app takes advantage of the device’s features such as the GPS, camera, accelerometer or touch screen, even better. The best Social Networking apps will employ multiple components in a polished interface.

Social Networking apps tend not to have a lot of graphics but all should have clearly identifiable buttons, use font sizes that are easy to read and images that take advantage of the beautiful display.

App stability is critical for any iPhone app. It affects how often you actually use the program. If it crashes, freezes or loads slowly, you simply won’t use the app out of frustration.

Program Size
Most Social Networking app require very little memory so the program size isn’t quite as big a deal as other apps like Games or Photography.

Most iPhone apps don’t require a lot of support however, an email address for specific questions and requests is very helpful. Some developers have incorporated an open-forum type of support that allows them to interact with the user more effectively.

iPhone social networking apps help you connect with long-lost friends and relatives, find a new job and even new customers for your business. If these programs are useful to you, you may also want to check out our Learning Center or our social networking websites services reviews.

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Icon Title Score Read Review View Category Release Date Price Size Description
1 Pixotale Pixotale
by LOCQL, Inc.
read review screen shots Social Networking iPhone Apps 07-23-14 FREE
28.4 MB Connect through visual storytelling with Pixotale. It's easy to create your story using your own images, map locations and text. You can also start fo... read our full review
2 Refresh Refresh
by Refresh, Inc.
read review screen shots Social Networking iPhone Apps 12-02-13 FREE
17.9MB At a loss for conversation starters when meeting new people or reconnecting with acquaintances? With Refresh, you can get personalized dossiers of people o... read our full review
3 MoodCraft MoodCraft
by CogniFit
read review screen shots Social Networking iPhone Apps 12-13-12 FREE
16.0MB MoodCraft by CogniFit lets you create unique emoticons that can accurately, and humorously, express what you're feeling. Create a mood and share it wi... read our full review
4 Facearound Facearound
by Business Competence
read review screen shots Social Networking iPhone Apps 11-27-12 FREE
18.8MB Can't decide where to eat? Where to play? Where to see the newest blockbuster? Facearound has you covered, and you can even see what your Facebook fri... read our full review
5 Color Color
by Color Labs, Inc.
read review screen shots Social Networking iPhone Apps 04-01-11 FREE
5.2 Longing to be connected to everyone around you, even strangers? The Color app creates a community album with photos and videos from all users near and some far. read our full review
6 IntoNow IntoNow
by IntoNow
read review screen shots Social Networking iPhone Apps 01-31-11 FREE
3.7 Are you hungry to spread your latest TV addiction? IntoNow allows you to share and discuss your favorite shows with friends. read our full review
7 TwitJump TwitJump
by FundingUniverse
read review screen shots Social Networking iPhone Apps 08-30-10 FREE
3.9 Looking to have even quicker access to Twitter from your iPhone? TwitJump is the next step in Twitter on the go. read our full review
8 textPlus textPlus
by Gogii
read review screen shots Social Networking iPhone Apps 07-30-10 FREE
14MB So if texting is a phone thing and instant messaging is a computer thing, then what do you call an application that allows you to text without a phone via... read our full review
9 Skype Skype
by Skype
read review screen shots Social Networking iPhone Apps 03-23-09 FREE
2.7 Looking for an inexpensive communications system to support your plans of iPhone worldwide domination? Skype is here to fill that need. read our full review
10 Zephyr Zephyr
by Smule
read review screen shots Social Networking iPhone Apps 12-29-08 FREE
2.1 “Finger paint” with Zephyr for the iPhone and iPod touch by Smule and then launch your masterpiece to the world accompanied by a lyrical wind s... read our full review