Reference iPhone Apps Review

What is a Reference iPhone App?

Reference covers a broad range of subjects, but all of them have to do with information. Dictionaries, phone books, encyclopedias, facts, and trivia all fall under the heading “Reference”. In this category you’ll find apps for the silly such as a texting encyclopedia as well as the seriously authoritative documents like the Constitution of the United States as well as other countries. There are even highly specialized apps geared toward gaining U.S. citizenship, monitoring earthquake information and various legal references. While Reference apps aren’t the rock stars of the App Store, they are steady, reliable workhorses that provide critical information at the tap of your finger.


iPhone Reference Apps: What to Look For

Consider these points when searching for a Reference iPhone app. We looked at several apps and evaluated them on these points.

iPhone Reference apps include features as varied as the topics they represent; however, most apps in this category should include a depth of information in its area of expertise. By its very nature, a Reference app should provide reliable, correct information organized in an understandable system.

Interacting with a Reference app should be simple to understand. You shouldn’t need and instruction manual to figure out how to use the app. If the interface utilizes the unique features of the iPhone such as the accelerometers for landscape views making reading easier or the location-aware capabilities to personalize information, so much the better.

The graphics of an iPhone Reference app are important in communicating complex information in an understandable manner. Apps that take advantage of the iPhone’s beautiful display and provide clear, well-executed icons and buttons make using the program easier and more visually appealing.

App stability is critical for any iPhone app, simply because it affects whether you will actually want to use the program. If it crashes, freezes up or loads slowly, you won’t use the program out of sheer frustration.

Program Size
How much memory a Reference app requires varies depending on the complexity of the program. Some iPhone apps require a few MB of space, some much more. The memory required for Reference apps depends on the images included and whether the information is obtained through an internet connection or if it’s included in the program.

Most iPhone apps come with very little support, however it’s helpful if the developer offers some online documentation, a FAQs page and a contact email address for specific problems or requests.

iPhone Reference apps are designed to provide information on a variety of topics. If you’ve found these programs useful, you may also want to look at some of the other iPhone apps or our Dictionary and Encyclopedia Software reviews.

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Icon Title Score Read Review View Category Release Date Price Size Description
1 Vegetable Garden Calculator Vegetable Garden Calculator
by Primolicious LLC
read review screen shots Reference iPhone Apps 06-15-12 FREE
24.1 MB Do you want to grow a garden, but have no idea how many plants will feed your family? This app provides a comprehensive list of more than 90 garden plants... read our full review
2 WolframAlpha WolframAlpha
by Wolfram Alpha, LLC
read review screen shots Reference iPhone Apps 04-01-10 $2.99
2.1 Say goodbye to any encyclopedia you may currently own, because here comes the WolframAlpha application. As a computational information database, this appli... read our full review
3 American Heritage Deluxe American Heritage Deluxe
by Enfour, Inc
read review screen shots Reference iPhone Apps 02-24-09 FREE
312 This app combines the American Heritage Fourth Edition Dictionary and the Roget’s II Thesaurus into one. It has the entire 2,074 page, 7.5 pound dict... read our full review
4 American Heritage Dictionary- Fourth Edition American Heritage Dictionary- Fourth Edition
by Enfour, Inc
read review screen shots Reference iPhone Apps 02-17-09 $24.99
312 2,074 page, 7.5 pound dictionary condensed into a convenient iPhone/iPod touch app that fits in your pocket and is with you at all times. Contains 64 thous... read our full review
5 Irish Slang Dictionary Irish Slang Dictionary
by Kolor Design Pty Ltd
read review screen shots Reference iPhone Apps 02-13-09 $0.99
.5 Ever wonder who or what Danny Boy is? Should you worry when your Irish pals starting throwing around words like “deadly” or “murder&rdquo... read our full review
6 Love Poem Generator Love Poem Generator
by A2rt
read review screen shots Reference iPhone Apps 01-20-09 $0.99
.2 “How do I love thee?...” Sometimes a little poetic influence is called for when you’re expressing deep feelings of love. Try out the Love... read our full review
7 Japanese Japanese
by codefromtokyo
read review screen shots Reference iPhone Apps 12-23-08 $9.99
17.8 Not only a Japanese to English and English to Japanese dictionary but also a study guide, Kanji learner and vocabulary builder. read our full review
8 Quake Info Quake Info
by Atomic Powered
read review screen shots Reference iPhone Apps 12-02-08 FREE
.2 What’s that rumble? If you truly feel the earth moving it’s possible you’re experiencing an earthquake. Use Quake Info by Atomic Powered... read our full review
9 Longman English-Japanese Dictionary Longman English-Japanese Dictionary
by Enfour, Inc
read review screen shots Reference iPhone Apps 11-04-08 $24.99
327 The Longman English-Japanese Dictionary is a bilingual dictionary designed with the native Japanese speaker in mind. Includes over 330 million words, 500 i... read our full review
10 Dictionaire Dictionaire
by Hampton Catlin
read review screen shots Reference iPhone Apps 10-08-08 FREE
13.9 Expand your vocabulary any time, any place with Dictionaire by Hampton Catlin for the iPhone and iPod touch. With 140,000 words in the database and a simpl... read our full review