Zenbe Lists 2.2 Review

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App Aims: Synced Control Of To-Do Lists

Reviewer’s Comments
Managing the (seemingly) millions of little tasks in today’s busy way of life can be overwhelming. Even if you have someone else to help you, that often comes with its own unique set of challenges. There is always the question of who has done what? The Zenbe Lists app steps up to the plate with a unique solution. Set up a free account on the Zenbe Lists’ website and then create lists, either on your iPhone or online. After that, it’s a simple matter to sync them to your iPhone or share them with other individuals to enable collaboration. It’s the perfect app for a busy mobile life.


  • Zenbe Lists has an impressive feature set that includes:
  • View and edit lists on the iPhone or from any web browser
  • Share lists from iPhone to iPhone with any email address, iGoogle, or with a free widget on your own website or blog
  • Lists can be edited by whomever the list has been shared with
  • All members of a shared list can see the updates
  • Syncing lists on Zenbe’s website is a particularly useful feature. It acts as a backup for lengthy, involved lists and makes editing lists a breeze. Sharing is easy and secure. Share only the lists you choose with the individuals you select.

While the existing features of Zenbe Lists are impressive, there are a few things that could be added that would increase the usability of the program. Adding a category field and sorting option to the lists would enable the user to organize list content based on location, store, time, etc. An option to archive completed lists would be a useful reference tool. For instance, a list of to-dos from a meeting, items to pack for a trip, or gifts to buy are checklists that are nice to be able to review later. Another feature that would greatly increase ease of use is a reminder system for lists with due dates. And finally, adding the option to “Uncheck All” would be a big help for lists that get reused frequently such as grocery lists. As it stands now, each item must be unchecked individually.


The interface is fairly straightforward and intuitive. The only complaint we have is that the “New list” field is too easy to tap unintentionally. It’s not a huge problem, but more of an annoyance to have to delete the resulting untitled empty list.


Adhering to the “Zen-like” suggestion in the title, the graphics used in Zenbe Lists are limited and the few that are used are very simple. The app has a soothing green, gray, and white color scheme that isn’t overly fussy and the screens are not cluttered with unnecessary images.


Zenbe Lists is a very stable app. During the testing period the app remained secure and responsive.


Contact with the app developer is via an online forum. The forum can be a bit confusing because it services all of the Zenbe product lines. The site, in stark contrast to the clean layout of the app, is cluttered and text-heavy but once you post an issue the developer is accessible and responsive to the user community.


This app is completely worth the little effort it takes to download onto your iPhone or iPod touch and to set up a free online account. It’s representative of one of the best apps available on Apple’s iTunes App Store.


Zenbe Lists is a well thought out mobile app. The ability to create, edit, and sync multiple lists either online or on your iPhone or iPod touch as well as share those lists with other individuals makes this a useful tool for users of all kinds. From a simple grocery or chore checklist to task lists at work or tracking books to read, this is the best app of its kind.

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