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Productivity iPhone Apps Reviews

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Productivity iPhone Apps

What To Look For In An iPhone Productivity App

Everyone who has an iPhone knows that they are fun and play music incredibly well; however, your iPhone can also be used for practical purposes like managing projects and contacts or even tasks and budgets.

When the iPhone first came out some thought it might not fit the smartphone mold, but in the last year Apple has improved its corporate email ability and developers have quickly created an impressive number of iPhone productivity apps. These apps range from programs as simple as a calculator or to-do list to complex file managers and multimedia note apps.

Though an iPhone cannot yet replace your laptop or PC, these productivity apps can really help you manage many aspects of your business in a convenient, powerful handheld device. You can greatly benefit from downloading several iPhone productivity apps, such as a file manager, a contact manager, a password keeper, a project management tool and a budget app. A nice collection of practical tools like these can markedly increase efficiency and lower stress levels by providing you with confidence knowing that you can get your job done correctly and on time.

So put your iPhone to work for you, look through the productivity apps available on iTunes and start organizing, planning, managing and monitoring your workload through your touchscreen.

Since there are so many iPhone productivity apps available it would be nice if iTunes had them arranged in categories, but at this point they are not, so it may take a bit of searching to find what you are looking for and you might find several programs that offer similar functions and features. For example, there are several file sharing and managing programs, many calendar and task list programs and quite a few calculators. So, you may want to compare several similar iPhone apps to decide which one fits your needs best. Keep in mind that most are very affordable at less than five dollars, so it does not require much investment to try a few out to see which one you like most.

As with all iPhone apps, the interface should be easy to use and respond well to touch input, or it’s really not too useful. Buttons and symbols should be large and easy to use and input information should process quickly.

Productivity apps for your iPhone are more about work and function than looking good; however, graphics should be useful, well designed and easy to understand. Button and symbols used to enter commands should be large enough to be practical and you should be able to figure out the buttons’ purpose without having to consult the instructions.

Since your job or project success may depend on it, you should use programs that are proven to be stable and reliable. Carefully read available reviews, check for current up dates and choose apps that are compatible with your iPhone or iPod touch operating system (OS). For more information on operating systems, read our article “Mobile Operating Systems Demystified: iPhone OS—Mac OSX Goes Mobile.”

Program Size:
Most iPhone productivity apps require very little memory space, often less than a MB. So, you shouldn’t have any problem loading multiple productivity apps onto your iPhone or iPod Touch. However, keep in mind that if you’re using a file managing program the files themselves will take up some of your memory as well.

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