Instagram 2.0.6 Review

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PROS / Instagram is easy to use and a great way to share mobile or existing photos through your iPhone with friends, family and social media networks.

CONS / Photos viewed in Instagram are all the same size, like a Polaroid.

VERDICT / This is a great app for anyone who wants to share photos from an iPhone.

App Aims: Connect With Friends and See the World

Instagram shares more than photos of cute kittens, cuddly kids and cheesy grins. This iPhone app has the potential to be the Facebook of photos for amateur and professional photographers. It's easy to use, connects fluidly with most other social media and allows basic filtering of photos to share them with friends and the world. If a picture says 1,000 words, then Instagram, with more than 10 million registered users in its first 12 months, is positioned to speak volumes and rise to be the most popular photo sharing app.

Simplicity makes Instagram a must-have for anyone who likes to snap a quick photo and share it instantly with friends, family and online networks. Developers definitely had the user in mind when they created this photo sharing app. After a simple and quick registration that smoothly finds and connects to follow friends from a contacts list or from Facebook or Twitter, you are ready to share photos.

Whether it's an awe-inspiring sunset, a friendly faced kid missing a front tooth, a favorite furry or mischievous pet, or a glimpse of life on the street with the dispossessed or a debutant, Instagram allows you to shoot and share photos, immortalizing any moment. Photos are put in a square format, like a Polaroid. The photo sharing app allows you to apply one of 17 filters to adjust the lighting, appearance and edges of photos. Instagram has a feature to move and scale photos, effectively cropping them, and an option to alter the focus to blur a photo's perimeter, enhancing its center. A GPS feature lets you geotag photos.

Photos posted by friends appear in a scrolling feed, much like Facebook's News Feed, though Instagram's is populated only with photos, captions and posted comments. Users can Like or Comment on photos. You can view the Popular feature that displays popular photos. Instagram determines popularity by a special, undisclosed formula, based on more than just the number of Likes photos get. This gives people who are new to Instagram, with few followers, the opportunity to have their photos appear in the Popular category. Instagram's News feature informs users of photos Liked by friends and shows who those friends are following.

Building on and connecting with established social media networks was a shrewd move by Instagram. It allows users to tap into and share photos with their often extensive groups of friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous and Foursquare. Users of the photo sharing app also may share photos by email. There are privacy settings to allow you to share your photos with the public or just with friends. You can allow anyone to follow you instantly or require other users to send you a follow request.

Instagram does not allow nude or sexually explicit photos. If a photo seems questionable, it can be flagged for review, under Photo Options. You must be at least 13 to use the site.


Instagram is easy to like. It's simple and functions well. It allows interconnection with established social networking sites and enables members to share their best spontaneous and existing photos with friends, family, associates and online networks. You can apply filter settings to enhance photos or share them unaltered. The app is free and is among the best out there. It could one day rival today's largest and most-expansive social networking sites.