Photography iPhone Apps Review

What To Look For In An iPhone Photography App

There are currently well over 200 iPhone photography apps available in iTunes; many of them offer photo effects and others are designed to help you share images. There are even photography apps available that can help you take better pictures of your beloved pets.

You many benefit from downloading a few different iPhone photography apps, since some are designed to add effects and others are useful for sharing or organizing images. And since most apps do not require much memory space, you can easily fit quite a few on your iPhone and most cost less than five dollars.


Most photo effect apps are relatively inexpensive, so you may want to try out a few for fun. Some can add effects to images captured with your iPhone camera and others can add things to your images such as masks, morphed faces or bubble cartoon type captions. Look for iPhone photo effect apps that are easy to use and glitch free.

When it comes to sharing your images think about how you want to share your images. Some iPhone photography apps can help you send MMS type messages, others can send your iPhone camera images to photo hosting web sites like Flickr, Photobucket and Picasa or even FaceBook. Other photo apps are designed to send images to blog sites like Blogger and WordPress. So you may decide to utilize a few of these programs based on how you want to share or store your images. Just make sure you find a stable, fast iPhone photography app that is easy to use.

iTunes offers a wide variety of photo editing, photo organizing and photo sharing iPhone apps, so the features available vary greatly. However, look for apps that are easy to use, have a clear and simple to understand interface and ensure that they can load images to hosting sites quickly. Keep in mind though, that the rate at which images load to sites like Flickr and WordPress may depend on the speed of your WiFi, how busy the site is or the strength of the cell signal available.

iPhone photography apps should be easy to use, the application should offer useful button and symbols that are simple to understand. The app should also interpret finger movements precisely and quickly.

All graphics included in the program should be clear and easy to understand. Text should be easy to read and your images should display well. Although iPhone photography apps are not games, they do deal with images and visual effects, so the graphics and related effects should be pretty high quality.

Most iPhone photography apps are relatively simple and have few errors reported, however it may be helpful to look for programs that have current updates. Also make sure you are running the most compatible iPhone OS or choose an app that works with your operating system version.

Program Size:
Most programs are relatively small, under 10 MB. However, keep in mind that the pictures you edit or organize with the program will take up a certain amount of memory as well.

If you do not yet have an iPhone and are interested in learning more, please check out our iPhone Reviews. Or if you want a photo editing program for your PC, see our Multimedia Software Reviews.

You may also be interested in online services that can store, organize or even print your images, please see our Multimedia Web Services Reviews.

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