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Pandora Radio 1.2 Review

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App Aims: Customized Music Control

Reviewer’s Comments
Pandora Radio provides customized internet radio stations wherever you have an internet connection. It streams music in excellent quality from the Pandora website straight to your iPhone or iPod touch. It works over WiFi, 3G or even 2G for those with the first generation iPhone. Begin by entering a song or artist you like. With that one piece of information, Pandora draws from a huge database of music and creates a station for you with similar songs. If a song begins to play that is not to your liking, simply press the “thumbs down” button and Pandora will move on to another selection. Pressing the “thumbs up” button lets Pandora know that you like the song and it will find more like that one as well. Over time, as you designate your like or dislike of songs, Pandora refines the particular type of music that will play on that station.

Create as many stations as you like. Pandora provides the ability to edit them so you can modify them later. While listening, you can bookmark a song or artist and then buy songs on iTunes to add to your permanent library.


  • Free, high-quality music
  • Create stations customized to your liking
  • Stream music from anywhere you have a network connection (Edge or Wi-Fi)
  • Begin with a favorite artist or song and build a station with similar music
  • Switch immediately if a song does not match your tastes
  • Bookmark favorite artists and songs to buy from iTunes or share with friends

After choosing the first song or artist, the subsequent songs Pandora selects usually fit well with your chosen music type. You’re not limited to mostly unknown artists like some other internet music sites. Pandora provides mainstream songs and artists from its huge database of songs. As the songs play, you can even see why a particular song was selected. This lets you know that the song choice wasn’t arbitrary, but has real logic and music understanding behind it. You can pause the music and return at another time.

You can create many varied stations for times when you want to listen to different types of music. If you want to try out a different style of music without investing in a new set of CDs or iTunes downloads, just create a new station. If it doesn’t turn out to be something you like, you can delete it. As if all that wasn’t enough, you can share stations through email with friends. The music quality is very good and there is a higher quality audio setting for those with faster network connections.


The app is well organized and easy to use. If you feel comfortable playing music in the iPhone music app, you shouldn’t have a problem using Pandora.

You can easily add, delete and edit a station. The current version allows you to see the songs you’ve given a thumbs up or down to and even lets you change your mind on them later. All the buttons are easy to access and the icons are readily understandable. Pandora displays album cover art while each song is playing and changes with an animation effect as songs switch.


While there’s nothing particularly flashy about the Pandora Radio app, it is nice looking with buttons that are easy to understand and identify, including play, pause, next, and volume control. Displaying album cover art while the song is playing is a very nice touch. Album art nicely enhances the experience and gives you an iTunes-like feel.


Pandora is a solid piece of software that rarely crashes. After hours of listening to music and navigating through almost every part of the program, it only crashed once.


Support is available on the Pandora website with a FAQs section. Reading through it provides valuable information about using Pandora on the iPhone as well as on your desktop computer. While this is valuable help, it would be nice to have some basic help available within the app itself.


Pandora is a valuable program because it’s free, takes very little memory space, and provides just the type of music that you choose. This is a must-have for your app collection.


Pandora Radio has been around for years and has amassed a large library of music. Now that this vast database of music is available on the iPhone, it is definitely an app to have in your collection.

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