GuitarTuna 1.1 Review

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PROS / GuitarTuna is easy to use and has an auto-tuning mode that lets you tune hands free. It is also very accurate, even in noisy environments.

CONS / It only supports six-string guitars.

VERDICT / The quickness and accuracy of GuitarTuna, along with its simple, user-friendly interface, make this one of the best guitar tuning apps on the market.

App Aims: Tune your guitar quickly and accurately.

Reviewer's Comments:
The first thing you'll notice about GuitarTuna, besides the funny name, is how simple it is. This guitar-tuning iPhone app focuses on getting you ready to play your next gig quickly and accurately. You can tune both acoustic and electric guitars, but sadly, there is only support for six-string guitars at this time. This app uses the built in mic in your iPad, iPod or Android device and accurately receives and analyzes the sounds coming from your guitar. We are impressed with how GuitarTuna is able to single out your guitar even in crowded and noisy rooms.

We like GuitarTuna's open and simple interface. Everything you need is accessible from one screen, so there is no chance you will get lost in submenus of unnecessary options. The only submenu available has a button to switch to right or left hand and buttons for GuitarTuna's Facebook page and Twitter feed. The graphics are a bit cartoonish, but they are bright and friendly. We found the buttons for the notes to be adequately sized and easy to press, even on an iPod Touch.

In the app, a guitar headstock is shown with the tuning keys and strings clearly labeled. A meter is at the top of the headstock and a needle that looks like a lie detector or seismograph is displayed in the middle of the headstock. When you strum a string, the needle responds, swinging back and forth and marking in red when you are sharp or flat and green when you are closer to being in tune.

The meter also responds to your sounds and shows where your current tone is. As you get closer to being in tune, the meter and needle stay close to the middle. GuitarTuna also shows arrows in the meter pointing up if you are flat and need to tune up, and down if your pitch is too high.

One of the best features of GuitarTuna is the auto tuning function. This feature recognizes the note you are playing and lets you use both hands to tune even faster. We enjoyed using this function and found it to be quite accurate in detecting the strings we played.

The GuitarTuna app is very stable. We experienced no crashes or delays while using it, and it loaded quickly each time we started the app. One of the nice things about GuitarTuna is that it does not rely on in-app purchases. This means you won't be bombarded with ads or pop-ups while you tune your guitar.

If you need help learning how to tune your guitar with GuitarTuna, a detailed YouTube video shows you how to use the app step by step. You can visit the developer website to view FAQs or to send an email. While it is easy to contact the developers of GuitarTuna, there is really no need to because GuitarTuna is so easy to use.


GuitarTuna is one of the best guitar tuning apps you will ever find. We are impressed with how accurate and user-friendly this app is, especially compared to similar apps. If you are looking for a high quality guitar tuner that doesn't require an instruction manual and gets you playing quickly, then GuitarTuna is the app for you .

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