Music iPhone Apps Review

Why iPhone Music Apps?

When considering an iPhone music app, look for an easy-to-use program. iTunes offers nearly 80 iPhone music apps that provide everything from Native American Flute playing to Top 100 lists to Guitar Tablature. Many choices and features are available; some apps are functional and others are just fun.

All programs utilize the trendsetting touchscreen features of the iPhone and iPod Touch and some even allow you to play simulated instruments through the screen, such as flutes, pianos and drums. Other programs are meant for music instruction teaching music reading skills, ear training, rhythm and timing.

Numerous programs are also just for music listening, such as radio programs, Christmas music, mood music or ways to organize and play your music, such as Zones and iZone, which let you access your music through your home’s Wi-Fi connection.


Music iPhone Apps: What to Look For

Regardless of the type of iPhone app you decide to use, it should be easy to use, with logical button placement, and both embedded and online help and support. You may even find that several iPhone apps offer similar functions, so try out a few before you decide which one you like best.

Apple offers many types of iPhone music apps through iTunes for the iPhone and for the iPod touch. The features you want will depend on the type of app you are interested in.

If you are looking for an iPhone app to help you find new music or if you want to listen to popular new releases, you may want to look for a “Top 100” type program that supports the kinds of music you enjoy. There are also “radio” type programs that can help you organize your favorite radio stations. Since there are several of these types of programs available, you can compare a few to see which one offers the features you are looking for.

There are also many types of apps that can help you play music, such as guitar tuners, pitch to note type sound analyzers, metronomes and more. These helpful iPhone music apps should be easy to use and above all, useful.

Many iPhone music apps actually play music; you can find apps that play flutes, drums, harmonica and even bowls. These apps are fun and very affordable, often just 99 cents, so they are worth trying out and can satisfy whatever kind of musical whim you may have.

All iPhone apps should be easy to use and should work well with the iPhone or iPod touch’s exclusive interactive screen. However, some are easier to use than others, so you may want to test a few similar programs out before you decide which one is right for you.

iPhone music app graphics should be clear and concise. They should make reading music and interacting with the screen easy and logical. Graphics should also load quickly and function well without any glitches.

Apps that have been available for a while should be fairly stable. The developers contact information is available for you to report errors, so they can fix them before the next update.

Program Size
Most iPhone music apps are extremely small files, many under a MB. So you should not have to worry about downloading most of these apps, unless you are really close to running out of memory space on your iPhone or iPod touch.

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Icon Title Score Read Review View Category Release Date Price Size Description
1 Yousician Yousician
by Yousician Ltd.
read review screen shots Music iPhone Apps 03-24-15 FREE
36.6 MB The Yousician app teaches beginners how to play the guitar in an easy, entertaining way. The video game-style, play-along interface makes learning the inst... read our full review
2 Music Tubee Music Tubee
by MobiRocket, Inc.
read review screen shots Music iPhone Apps 05-29-13 FREE
10.3 MB Take the frustration out of finding the top songs and music videos online by gathering them with the Music Tubee app. Browse the top 100 hits by genre or a... read our full review
3 Jamn Jamn
by MiQ Limited
read review screen shots Music iPhone Apps 05-09-13 FREE
248 MB iOS Jamn is a great app for causal and professional musicians eager to jam, learn, compose or be inspired. Jamn has an electronic circle of fifths, and gives y... read our full review
4 GuitarTuna GuitarTuna
by Ovelin
read review screen shots Music iPhone Apps 04-08-13 FREE
23.7 MB iOS No matter where you are, GuitarTuna helps you keep your guitar in tune. This app is easy to use and has accurate audio processing, even in noisy environmen... read our full review
5 CoachGuitar CoachGuitar
by Boris Douarre
read review screen shots Music iPhone Apps 04-05-13 FREE
12.8 MB iOS Start your journey to becoming a guitar god with the CoachGuitar app. Learn to play your favorite songs with animated HD video tutorials and color-coded fi... read our full review
6 Playlista Playlista
by Mobappalula
read review screen shots Music iPhone Apps 03-08-13 FREE
10.0 MB Playlista allows you to listen to music wirelessly from multiple devices. You and your friends can share music automatically using a host device, which pla... read our full review
7 Magic Guitar Magic Guitar
by Smule
read review screen shots Music iPhone Apps 01-18-13 FREE
18.7 MB Magic Guitar is a fun app similar to the popular game Guitar Hero. Magic Guitar emulates real guitar tones, and with a vast library to choose from, you wi... read our full review
8 PianoHead PianoHead
by Spinapse
read review screen shots Music iPhone Apps 12-20-12 $4.99
9.5MB PianoHead is a well-designed set of four drill-and-practice games that teach the fundamentals of music theory for the piano – notes, scales, interval... read our full review
9 withU withU
by Somered Software
read review screen shots Music iPhone Apps 09-14-12 $2.99
1.2MB Always have your music handy! withU streams your music collection to you no matter which of your many gadgets happens to be in front of you. read our full review
10 Top 100s by year by Bing Top 100s by year by Bing
by nuTsie
read review screen shots Music iPhone Apps 04-16-10 Varies
3.3 NuTsie has created a new way to stay in touch with and on top of your favorite music. With the new iPod touch or iPhone app all you have to do is tap your... read our full review