shopkick 1.25 Review

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App Aims: Smarter Savings While Shopping

Reviewer Comments:
Do you enjoy shopping? Not just buying things, but browsing and looking at everything that you might ever be remotely interested in buying at some point in your life? Then shopkick is the iPhone app for you! Walking into your favorite Best Buy? Get some kickbucks. The best thing about this app is that it’s completely free. This is a new way of advertising and you, the consumer, reap the benefits. It may even give you unique coupon discounts only available through shopkick.

What are kickbucks? Well, they’re points. You can collect them and earn rewards from some of your favorite vendors like Best Buy, Sports Authority, Macy’s or American Eagle. At the time of this review, they had begun partnering with Target and Wet Seal but they hadn’t brought the advantage nationwide yet. You can even choose to donate your kickbucks to good causes or splurge them on a cruise. One of the other things we liked about the rewards is that you can get the rewards to and get an inexpensive date night.

A lot of the time you get kickbucks for just walking into one of the given stores. The stores that reward you for stopping in have a device that registers when you have walked in to the store; this allows them to give you additional kickbucks. Other times there are opportunities to scan products with your camera to get bonus points- even if you don’t purchase the products. They want to get us out into the actual physical shops instead of doing it all from the luxury of our homes. shopkick realizes that the majority of people already take their phones with them wherever they go, so they’re using that to their advantage and rewarding you for being out and about.

The iPhone or iPod will find your location and then pull up different stores in your area where you can earn kickbucks. You can do this daily and may even find bonuses.
There are also cool offers that you can use with shopkick. For example, on the day of this review you can earn 4,000 extra kickbucks for buying a particular HP Photosmart Premium e-All-in-One printer. Different coupons will pull up codes that you need to show the cashier in order to get the discount.

While the app is still trying to take over the global shopping economy, it’s starting out small. You can get rewards from all American Eagle, Best Buy, Sports Authority and Macy’s stores but Target is only available in about 200 stores at this point. They also have rewards available at Simon Malls— located in the United States along with some locations in Europe. The major markets for this app where you can receive the most kickbucks for your efforts are in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. A lot of other stores in different areas are opening up to more rewards, but right now it’s pretty limited in any area.


All in all, we think shopkick will bring a whole new way of thinking to shopping and we’re excited for more retailers to jump on the shopkick bandwagon.