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What To Look For In An iPhone Lifestyle App

iPhone lifestyle apps include many types, from those that offer coupons hourly, to those that help you with your daily mantras, to a personalized Wiki that gives you information based on your location. Lifestyle really is a broad category and even includes religious based apps, food and drink apps and political apps. Currently, iTunes offers over 500 different iPhone lifestyle apps, so surely, there is something for everyone.

Some mobile apps in the lifestyle category are similar to what you might find in a iPhone travel  app, such as restaurant finders, city specific information and cheap gas price apps. You can also find many dating and marriage type apps, from apps that will call your girlfriend to apps that will calculate how long your marriage might last.

The interesting thing about lifestyle apps is that you might not even know what iPhone lifestyle app you might need or enjoy until you see it. You really have to look through the apps to see what’s available. Without realizing it at first and after checking out the iPhone app that helps you create your grocery shopping list, it dawns on you that you’ve needed that app all along. Or you might decide that a restaurant tip calculator could help you leave a fair tip for a really great server.

So take a little time and visit the iTunes App Store’s lifestyle section. You mind find an easy solution to a challenge you’ve been facing, discover inspiring quotes, get a giggle from new LOLcats or even find a name for your soon-to-be-delivered baby.

Since there are a wide variety of iPhone lifestyle apps available, there are many features to consider. However, regardless of which mobile app you choose, it should be easy to understand and use. The cell phone app should also come with adequate built-in support, including easy to understand instructions, or conversely, the app should to be so simple to use, that instructions become moot.

Most lifestyle apps are paid apps meaning you can’t try them out for free; however, the majority are low priced at fewer than five dollars. It will certainly prove helpful to check out screenshots and read about iPhone apps we have reviewed on this site to determine which apps best suit your needs.

All iPhone apps should have easy-to-use and understand buttons, symbols and instructions. The app should quickly and easily interpret the unique finger movement commands that the iPhone is capable of receiving.

Graphics for iPhone lifestyle apps are generally not as complex as what you might see in a paid iPhone game app, but they should be clean, vivid and useful. In addition, graphic symbols used for commands should be easy to interpret.

Versions of iPhone apps that have been out for awhile should be stable, provided that you have the correct operating system on your iPhone, which currently is the iPhone 2.1 software update. Generally, reviews will report known problems and glitches about apps helping you make your purchase decisions.

Program Size:
Most iPhone apps are small programs, some even under a single MB. However, other apps, such as cook book apps for example can be much larger. So, when looking for an app, consider how much of your iPhone memory you want utilized before purchasing.

iPhone apps are portable and easy to use, however, if you are interested in a PC version of similar type programs, check out our Reference and Lifestyle Software Reviews. Or for web versions, see our Web Services Reviews.

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1 Moda Operandi Moda Operandi
by Moda Operandi, Inc.
read review screen shots Lifestyle iPhone Apps 09-15-14 FREE
11.4 MB Moda Operandi is a fashion-forward app that puts the latest designer collections at your fingertips moments after they've hit the runway. read our full review
2 Neybers Neybers
by Amagumo Games
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43.4 MB Neybers lets you browse an inspirational gallery of room designs and decorate rooms of your own using images of real home furnishings. Be sure to be a good... read our full review
3 Snapguide Snapguide
by Heavy Bits, Inc.
read review screen shots Lifestyle iPhone Apps 06-09-14 FREE
36.9 MB Snapguide is a beautiful, easy, and fun way to find and create how-to guides. It allows you to explore other user's recipes, DIY projects, ideas for f... read our full review
4 Oflow Oflow
by Tanner Christensen
read review screen shots Lifestyle iPhone Apps 09-09-13 $3.99
8.8 MB Like other lifestyle apps, Oflow offers quick pointers to boost creativity with randomized methods to help you get on track and stay there. Suggestions ran... read our full review
by Balda Solutions Malaysia Sdn Bhd
read review screen shots Lifestyle iPhone Apps 03-12-13 FREE
5.6 MB iOS Do you lose your keys, your purse or other important belongings from time to time? The FOBO Tag iPhone app will help monitor your belongings and even loved... read our full review
6 Evernote Hello Evernote Hello
by Evernote Corporation
read review screen shots Lifestyle iPhone Apps 01-31-13 FREE
25.7 MB Ever have trouble remembering names and faces? Can't remember where you met that person before? Struggle with the details no longer. This app lets you... read our full review
7 FashionClyp FashionClyp
by Clypit Inc.
read review screen shots Lifestyle iPhone Apps 10-19-12 FREE
14.1MB Never miss a sale again! Discover the latest sales and limited-time offers from your favorite fashion brands and nearby stores. read our full review
8 NYTimes Election 2012 NYTimes Election 2012
by The New York Times Company
read review screen shots Lifestyle iPhone Apps 08-09-12 FREE
2.1 MB With the New York Times Election 2012 app, you can carry all the election news you need in your breast pocket. Whether you want an in-depth analysis of you... read our full review
9 Mike Holmes Make It Right Mike Holmes Make It Right
by Harper Collins Canada
read review screen shots Lifestyle iPhone Apps 03-15-11 FREE
25.0 Home renovation projects are a lot of work. Mike Holmes Make It Right iPhone app serves as a reference and organization tool to help relieve home renovatio... read our full review
10 TrendOY! TrendOY!
by Digify Media
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3.5 With the constant flow of news from thousands of sources worldwide, how do you sort through new stories to pick out the ones most relevant to you? Digify... read our full review