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Top Stylist 2.5.6 Review

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PROS / Top Stylist lets you mix and match fun outfits.

CONS / It takes a long time to get clients and earn game money.

 VERDICT / Top Stylist is an entertaining game, especially if you enjoy fashion and style.

App Aims: Dress Your Clients for Success.

Top Stylist is an iPhone app that gives you the chance to display your sense of style. This game presents you with a series of clients that you need to dress from head to foot. Each client has a style meter that represents her satisfaction with your work. You need to satisfy each client's needs in order to build your reputation and earn more customers and more money. Each client has a specific style that she wants – such as casual, trendy, classic or modern – and won't be satisfied with anything else.

As is the case in real life, you are limited in your outfit choices because of money. You need to earn money to purchase clothing, shoes and accessories. Either you can attempt to earn money by playing a tile game, similar to Bejeweled, or you can use your real money to purchase money in the game. Earning money takes a painfully long time, so you may end up spending actual money if you want to go further in this game.

You also have to wait a long time for clients. After creating fun outfits for a few customers, the words "Waiting for Client" will appear on the Style screen along with a countdown clock. Most of the time you will have to wait for approximately 30 minutes for new clients. Waiting to dress a customer can be frustrating, but you can rush a client with a boost, also called diamonds. Once again, you earn diamonds by satisfying customers, or you can purchase them with real money.

As you earn reputation points, you will gain higher-profile clients, such as celebrities who are much harder to please. This gives you an extra challenge as you progress through each level in Top Stylist. As you advance levels, you will also gain access to exclusive brands for the more fussy clients. These higher-end brands are more expensive for you, as well. And money doesn't come cheap in this iPhone app. Plus, when you purchase items from the store, you're given a grab bag full of a random selection of clothes, shoes and accessories, so sometimes you don't get exactly what you want.

Building your fashion inventory and impressing clients brings a sense of satisfaction as you play Top Stylist. You can also share your designs with your friends through the GREE social gaming network, as well as Facebook and Twitter. There is also a forum where you can discuss fashion with like-minded people or where you can report bugs. Top Stylist crashed a few times while we were playing it, but it usually saved our designs when we re-opened the app.


Top Stylist is fashionable fun. You will find a sense of joy in seeing how happy your virtual clients are with their new outfit. However, it takes a long time to earn money, shop for inventory, dress clients and play the game in general. This lengthy time commitment can be frustrating, but if you're dedicated to style, you will enjoy building a clientele and creating trendy and classic designs with this chic iPhone app.

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