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1 Undersky: The Eternal Saga Undersky: The Eternal Saga
by Renatus Media LLC
read review screen shots Strategy 01-08-14 FREE
97.8 MB Combine the graphics and interactivity of a mobile game with the complexity of card-based games as you quest to rebuild and protect your city. Choose your... read our full review
2 Tito's Shell Tito's Shell
by 99Games Online Private Limited
read review screen shots Strategy 01-30-13 $0.99
126 MB Tito the forgetful turtle can't seem to hang on to his shell. Build ramps, solve puzzles and avoid spiky urchins as you help him get it back through 4... read our full review
3 iSay iSay
by O7ZSoft
read review screen shots Strategy 01-07-13 FREE
43.5MB iSay is a turn-based card game that you can play with your Facebook friends. Choose a card, write a creative caption and see if your friends can guess the... read our full review
4 Logo Quiz Logo Quiz
by Jinfra
read review screen shots Strategy 12-21-12 FREE
48.4MB Logo Quiz by Jinfra determines if a company's marketing department is worth their pay. This iPhone app tests you to see if you've been paying att... read our full review
5 Top Stylist Top Stylist
by Crowdstar Inc
read review screen shots Strategy 11-08-12 FREE
9.2MB With Top Stylist, you can become the fashion guru you've always wanted to be. Satisfy your clients by dressing them in the finest fashions and hippest... read our full review
6 Angry Birds Star Wars Angry Birds Star Wars
by Rovio Entertainment Ltd
read review screen shots Strategy 11-08-12 $0.99
28.3 MB The familiar slingshotting of the ferocious fowls meets the lightsaber-swinging, blaster-firing Star Wars universe, and it might just be the best Angry Bir... read our full review
by StevieSpin Digital Media Inc.
read review screen shots Strategy 10-19-12 $0.99
175 MB Your mission is to help Splatties repaint their world after its color was stolen by aliens. It takes skill and strategy to catapult the Splatties, and when... read our full review
8 Bad Piggies Bad Piggies
by Rovio Entertainment Ltd
read review screen shots Strategy 09-27-12 $0.99
40.9 MB The Angry Birds had their turn, now it's time for the Bad Piggies to raise a raucous in their very own spin-off game. Build unique contraptions and ma... read our full review
9 3volution 3volution
by Zaki, d.o.o.
read review screen shots Strategy 07-17-12 FREE
40.6 MB Need to kill a few minutes or an hour? 3volution will keep you entertained and addicted to destroying blockers and collecting goodies on your quest to beco... read our full review
10 Surviving High School Surviving High School
by EA Mobile
read review screen shots Strategy 12-06-11 FREE
18.3MB Whether you need practice for high school or still have nightmares about returning there as an adult – or if you just want to relive your glory days... read our full review