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What to Look for in an iPhone Games App

The number one thing to look for in an iPhone games app is simply fun. Mobile games should be enjoyable, run without glitches and be amusing. And amusing is of course subjective; some people like brain teasers, others racing games, some like shooter games and other game lovers like gambling cell phone games. So, what type of iPhone game you choose depends on what kind of game you find amusing or entertaining.

iTunes offers a variety of paid and free iPhone game apps. To showcase their games Apple has divided them into categories: What’s New, What’s Hot, What We’re Playing, Seasonal Games (such as Halloween), Top Paid Apps and Top Free Apps. Generally, you will notice that the paid iPhone games have more complex graphics, which does not mean that the free apps are not fun; they just have simpler graphics and on the plus side, are smaller programs, so they use less memory on your iPhone.

Once you find an iPhone game app that looks interesting, try it out. There are tons of free mobile games available; if you don’t like one or if it has errors, just delete it. Alternatively, you can often report bugs or errors and the developer will create upgrades based on your feedback. Even the paid iPhone games do not require a major investment, most are just under five dollars, so go ahead, download one and enjoy.

All cell phone games include a variety of features; however, most iPhone games have a collection of similar features such as score boards, ways to save, instructions, menus, hints, sounds and more. All features should be easy to use and symbols or buttons should be easy to understand.

Since many mobile games require speed and quick reaction times, an easy-to-use and responsive interface is essential. The best games maximize the iPhone’s unique and interactive screen features and respond to commands quickly.

Graphics for iPhone games can range from simple to sensational. However, the graphics should match the requirements of the game and should load quickly. If you are playing a simple iPhone game like Hangman, look for clear, easy to read text; if you enjoy playing more complex games like Nanosaur 2 or Bugdum 2, look for fast loading graphics.

Game stability is difficult to know without trying the game, if the iPhone game is free, you can test the game easily and without a financial investment. Otherwise, look for mobile games that have been available for a while. These games, if they have dedicated developers involved, should have most of the bugs worked out. You can also look through reviews, such as those on this site and in iTunes, to discover what kind of experiences other game players have had with specific iPhone games.

Program Size
How much memory a game requires varies depending on the complexity of the graphics. Some iPhone games, like PAC-MAN Lite use less than 2MB of memory; however, newer games like the School of Rock require over 100MB. When choosing a cell phone game, make sure you have enough memory available on your iPhone to accommodate the game or just delete apps, images or video to make room for it.

iPhone game apps are meant to be fun, so look for the type of games that you like to play. If you also enjoy console type games, check out our video game reviews. If you do not own an iPhone and are wondering what the hype is all about, learn more by reading our Apple iPhone reviews.