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Money 4.4.3 Review

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PROS / Money easily organizes most account types, present insightful budget reports and tracks stock holdings. It is sleekly designed, directly connects to banks and synchronizes between your Mac and mobile devices.

CONS / This software does not automatically assign categories to transactions based on past expenses. However, you can configure import rules and filters to have it assign categories for you.

 VERDICT / Money does everything and looks good doing it. It connects to banks, uploads stock quotes, creates helpful reports, monitors budgets and syncs between your devices.

Money is simply elegant. It has a sleek, attractive interface that Mac users demand, yet it can manage complex active portfolios. This Mac personal finance software can track all types of accounts, including stock holdings, credit cards, interest bearing/charging accounts and assets. Money produces 13 types of reports and insightful portfolio charts.

The newest version of Money includes valuable improvements such as the ability to support multiple users, smart importing, new reports, asset accounts, check printing and file attachments. These smart enhancements push Money ahead of the competition. Jumsoft has done an excellent job of creating an attractive personal accounting solution that does not require formal accounting experience to maneuver.

This Mac personal finance software can automatically import transactions from your bank as well as daily stock prices. In addition, Jumsoft offers affordable, compatible versions for your iPhone or iPad. To help you analyze your expenses, you can organize transactions with tags, categories, labels and attachments. Using these tools, you can easily sort transactions and create insightful reports.

This personal finance software for Mac can handle all types of transactions, and you can sort them easily. Money can work with split transactions, transfers and asset values. It also tracks reconciled and unreconciled expenses. This software manages a variety of transaction information, including categories, tags, payees, attachments, labels, notes and tags. Although Money does not automatically attempt to categorize imported transactions, you can configure filters and rules that can set the application to categorize incoming transactions.

Using Money, you can set up multiple expense and income budgets. Though most software will allow you to create multiple budgets, such as one for groceries and another for savings, Money can manage groups of budgets, such as one for household expenses (home repair, garden) and another for personal expenses (clothing, salon). You can set up your budgets to occur once, weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. Budgets can also be assigned to specific accounts.

As you add transactions, Money will compare expenses to budget allocations and provide an easy-to-understand budget-tracking graph. If you are under budget, you will see a green line; within budget is color-coded yellow and over budget is red. The software will also show you the amount remaining in your budgets. It will track income budgets too, which can be helpful for those who have fluctuating income. It will show red when your income is lower than budgeted and green when it is more than budgeted.

Money can direct connect to banks to automatically import your transactions, and it accepts common financial file types. If you have been using another financial application and want to import your data to Money, it can work with QIF, OFX, QFX and CSV files. This Mac personal finance software supports a wide range of import rules so that your imported transactions are assigned to the correct accounts and categories. Money can also print standard, voucher and wallet-style checks.

This personal finance software can track your investment accounts and stock portfolio. You can configure the software to import stock prices from Yahoo Finance. The investment overview screen quickly shows you a summary of your investments. It will show your holdings and their performance as well as graphs representing your portfolio's performance and individual stocks' performance. The right side of the overview shows top gainers, top losers, world market and currency rate fluctuations.

In terms of stock transactions, you can use Money to track buy, sell, expenses, income, dividend and transfers. You can also add commissions and payees. The stock portfolio tool tracks costs, number of shares, quote price, daily change, market value and gains/losses. You can also view stocks' historical performances with an associated graph. Although Money can easily track stocks' daily performance, we do not recommend that day traders give up their online tracking tools, which are more adept at tracking erratic market variances.

Jumsoft offers low-cost compatible apps for the iPhone and iPad. The iPhone app can track transactions, account balances, budgets and share-trading accounts. This Money app can be used as a standalone app, or you can synchronize it with your desktop version. The iPad version is also a capable standalone product as well as a companion to the desktop version. It can track transactions, create attractive reports and monitor budgets. Jumsoft does not offer a version for Android or Windows mobile phones.



Money is cleverly designed, efficient and proficient. It includes numerous tools to help you gather and sort data quickly so that you can spend more time analyzing your accounts than performing data entry. This Mac personal finances software can help you organize all of your accounts into one interface, manage your budgets and track your stock performances – even from your iPhone.