• Laser Pegs iPad App: Design Your Own LED Models



    Laser Pegs is a fun, new construction toy set that uses LED lights to illuminate your creations when they're plugged into the power base. Now, Laser Pegs Ventures has announced the release of the official Laser Pegs iPad app, available as a free download on the App Store. The app is an accessory to the Laser Pegs toy. Laser Pegs is the first toy of its kind, and the iPad app provides a useful and fun addition to the construction set.

    The Laser Pegs iPad lets children design their own 3D models in the Laser Pegs app and then build those creations with the virtual pieces. The app also fully integrates with the construction sets themselves, allowing you to create step-by-step manuals with screenshots and directions for constructing models with the physical toy pieces. These manuals can then be shared online via Facebook or the Laser Pegs internet database.

    Laser Pegs plans to make several additions to the app, including coloring book pages and games. In the future, Laser Pegs plans to add an option for purchasing custom kits based on models you design in the app. For now, your child can enjoy the creativity and entertainment of designing their own custom Laser Pegs models and navigating through the dozens of pieces available on the app to build whatever they can think of.

    When we tested our Laser Pegs sets, we found that the pieces were very easy to work with. Each piece has both a male and female connection slot, which makes it simple to switch up your design on the fly. The basic sets come with instructions for building simple creatures or constructs, and it's easy to follow along step by step. The iPad app is a terrific supplement to an already entertaining toy. We were able to design models around the pieces we had available to us, and then follow along with our own guides to build exactly what we had envisioned.

    Laser Pegs is a fun and unique toy that will please both young and not-so-young fans of construction toy sets. The illuminating pieces add an extra special something to the mix, and the iPad app provides hours of additional entertainment. Using the app along with Laser Pegs construction sets will allow you or your child to express your own imagination. A fair warning, though: Be ready to purchase more sets when your child's virtual masterpiece is ready to see the LED light.

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