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NASA app for iPhone 1.0 Review

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App Aims: NASA Navigates the Nebulous Reaches of the iPhone

Reviewer’s Comments:
NASA has reached areas previously unknown to man, expanding our vision from the sky above us to the reality of an expanding universe. We’ve been brought from a civilization that gazed at the stars to one that…gazes at our phones. Yes, the iPhone can now be the gateway to all things NASA. From video feeds on NASA’s newest developments to breathtaking images of rocket launches and brilliant nebulae, the NASA app for iPhone brings all of this and more to your tiny telephonic companion.

Engage Curiosity in 3… 2… 1…
After having our curiosity ignited by such a stunning development in intergalactic technology, we were pleasantly surprised by the first release of the NASA app for the iPhone. We did not expect such a well developed application on a first release, but perhaps we did not give the minds at NASA enough credit. The NASA app for the iPhone is very well designed and implemented, accomplishing its goal of bringing the latest breaking news from NASA to your phone.

Among the outstanding features brought by this application are new images from the Hubble Space Telescope, live tracking of space missions such as the Mars Rovers and live feeds about upcoming developments in the International Space Station.

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Keep a Live Feed Active on Your Homepage…
All current NASA missions are available for observation via this handy app, as long as you allow them through the filter feature. On the screen titled “Missions,” you can choose to allow NASA missions regarding Earth, Moon and Mars, Universe, Launch Schedules and many others to be placed as a subhead on this page. By selecting any of these subheads, you can access photos, videos, global positioning of satellites via Google maps and Twitter-esque feeds from NASA and its affiliates regarding your selected mission. Who could resist updates on the testing of shuttle main engine ignition acoustic levels and NASA’s subsequent lunch break?

I Can’t Help It; It’s So Beautiful…
Under the “Image” page in this app is a vast collection of the latest NASA images from the most powerful telescopes in existence: Hubble, Kepler, Spitzer and Chandra X-ray Observatory. Not only are these images available to browse, you can also download them to your iPhone’s camera roll where you can use them as wallpaper.

Houston, Come In…
The third window in this application supplies you with video feeds from NASA television, highlighting the newest developments at NASA. All videos available via this feature are uploaded from YouTube to your phone.

Full of ‘Tweet’…
The fourth and final window contains all of the available “tweets” from NASA and its affiliates, providing you with up-to-the-moment information on technological advances and mission statuses.


Brace for Impact…
The NASA app for iPhone is a very versatile and satisfying application. While there are a few stability issues while scrolling, the app performed very well in our tests. This quality application is available as a free download to satisfy your space-hungry eyes and knowledge-craving mind. Be sure to check out our other iPhone app reviews to really get the most out of your iPhone.