Business iPhone Apps Review

Why Do I Want an iPhone Business App?

iPhones are becoming more comfortable at work every day. The Business app category in the App Store on iTunes is flush with apps that range from currency converters to time and expense trackers to job finders. There are business news apps, motivational apps and for the eager-to-impress (aren’t we all?), business etiquette apps and even one to help you knot that perfect tie for a big presentation. Access your desktop computer from anywhere, scan documents, edit spreadsheets, read PDFs and create text documents with a touch of a finger. You can even download apps to handle credit card transactions.


iPhone Business Apps : What to Look For:

The selection of Business apps that are available to help you seize the occupational opportunities and bring home the bacon is varied and plentiful. As you’re considering the tools to add to your iPhone or iPod touch, keep these key elements in mind to help you choose the best ones for your career quest.

A good Business app will take advantage of the iPhone’s enormous capabilities from its voice recorder to the Maps, Contacts, Calendar and browser applications. Capitalizing on the strengths of the device, an excellent app should provide a full complement of features to enable you to be more productive and proactive in your job.

An iPhone app of any sort should employ an intuitive, polished interface. You shouldn’t have to guess at how the app ought to work. The developer’s help and support should be easy to find and informative.

The industry-leading display of the iPhone is beautiful and the graphics used in the app should take advantage of the device’s capacity. Graphics should be polished, appropriate and have a specific, easily-identifiable use.

Any iPhone app you choose to use should be stable and run smoothly. A nice feature of some of the best iPhone apps is the low-memory message that is displayed when the operating memory is running low. It’s not a necessary addition but it’s a nice bit of information to have in case you’ve done a lot of work within an app that would be lost if it crashed.

Program Size
Most iPhone Business apps’ program sizes range between .3MB and 12MB. Memory management is important on an iPhone or iPod touch but most business apps won’t crimp your memory too badly.

Business apps for the iPhone are many and varied. They offer the business man or woman a diverse selection of tools to help them be productive and proactive in their career. If you’re looking at purchasing an iPhone for both business and pleasure, be sure to read the iPhone review on our Smartphones Review site. If you’re looking for productivity tools for your computer, see our Software Reviews or our Web Services Reviews for helpful online business and finance tools.

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1 Breeze Real Estate Flyer Maker Breeze Real Estate Flyer Maker
by Teak Mobile Inc.
read review screen shots Business iPhone Apps 01-15-14 FREE
3.5 MB Making a flyer without having a background in design can be a difficult process. Breeze Real Estate Flyer Maker makes it easier. Using a template, you crea... read our full review
2 Project Reno Project Reno
by inPulse Inc.
read review screen shots Business iPhone Apps 11-07-13 $1.99
15.5 MB Whether you're a professional contractor or looking to do home improvements, manage your project like a pro with Project Reno. Take photos, keep track... read our full review
3 ideaApp ideaApp
by Thought Development, Inc
read review screen shots Business iPhone Apps 10-03-12 FREE
7.4 MB You have it – an idea that will make you the next millionaire! But, how do you know if someone else has already patented your idea? Or written your b... read our full review
4 USA ePay USA ePay
by USA ePay
read review screen shots Business iPhone Apps 04-09-10 FREE
2.1 MB It happens.You're out at lunch, or at the town square, or walking to the train, and someone really wants you to charge his credit card. Well, if you a... read our full review
5 iMerchant Pro iMerchant Pro
by Page Scholar Inc.
read review screen shots Business iPhone Apps 03-12-10 FREE
0.7 Looking for a new way to make money? iMerchant won't do your marketing for you, but it will give you the ability to charge credit cards from almost an... read our full review
6 AliveChat Operator AliveChat Operator
by WebsiteAlive
read review screen shots Business iPhone Apps 01-07-10 FREE
0.2 Live chat operators using AliveChat from WebsiteAlive can now assist customers wherever they please. read our full review
7 AliveChat AliveChat
by WebsiteAlive
read review screen shots Business iPhone Apps 01-07-10 FREE
0.1 AliveChat administrators can now chat with operators, review chat transcripts and view messages from anywhere in the world on their portable device. read our full review
8 Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite
by Quickoffice, Inc.
read review screen shots Business iPhone Apps 09-16-09 $2.99
12 With Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite empowering you to create, open, edit, email and transfer Microsoft Office 2007 docs and Adobe PDF files on your iPhone... read our full review
9 Etiquette Avenue Etiquette Avenue
by The Protocol Centre
read review screen shots Business iPhone Apps 09-16-09 $2.99
3.3 Don’t be “that guy” at the dinner table who has to ask which fork to use. Etiquette Avenue will teach you the proper way to behave in nea... read our full review
10 Documents To Go with Exchange Attachments Documents To Go with Exchange Attachments
by DataViz, Inc.
read review screen shots Business iPhone Apps 05-25-09 $16.99
3.4 Need those documents from work right away? With Documents To Go you can bring your word projects with you wherever you go with this complete desktop word p... read our full review