• iPhone Apps

    iPhone apps run the gamut from serious business to entertaining games. Price and quality are all over the board but no matter the budget, time-constraint, or attention span, there’s one that fits the bill.

    Designed for those times when you need a diversion, Entertainment apps fill the gap. From a relaxing session with fish in a pond to jokes and sound effects, there’s something here to brighten your day.

    Whether riding the stock market’s roller coaster or managing everyday spending, we need to monitor our finances. No matter how complex the need, there’s a financial app to help track your money.

    The Global Positioning System (GPS) forms the foundation of the iPhone Navigation apps and is the starting point that allows for the location-aware apps to provide a myriad of invaluable information.

    Traveling can be among life’s greatest pleasures but it can also be frustrating and discouraging. There is an iPhone app that can help assure the best possible experience wherever your travels take you.

    Stimulate your gray matter with a variety of number, word and puzzle games for iPhone in The App Store on iTunes.

    Get things done faster and more efficiently with a iPhone lifestyle app. These apps can organize your shopping, remember birthdays, find cheap gas or inspire you with thoughtful quotes and mantras.

    No matter what type of instrument you play or what style of music you prefer, iTunes has fun and exciting iPhone music apps that you will enjoy using and showing off.

    iPhone photography apps are some of the most practical additions to an iPhone. These apps add utility with photo editors, effects and useful photo organizers that send images to image hosting sites and blogs.

    iPhones are certainly fun, but they can work hard too. Productivity apps can help you stay on task, plan your budget, manage documents or even track packages.

    Test your knowledge, reflexes and game playing skills in a wide variety of arcade-style games on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

    Test your word knowledge and game strategy skills in a wide variety of word games on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

    Check menu calories at the drive-thru, do yoga at work or learn to treat a bee sting using your iPhone using tools for diet, weight loss, exercise, reducing stress and general information like first aid.

    Replace that backpack full of study aides with an iPhone loaded with Education apps. These apps can teach or be used as a reference. Brush up on a new language or help your child with a school assignment.

    Use your problem solving skills to tackle puzzle games for the iPhone. These brain-challenging games require logic, strategy and pattern recognition to solve difficult puzzles in an exciting, virtual environment.

    Working quietly behind the scenes, Reference apps provide facts and trivia in a myriad of dictionaries, thesauruses, manuals and encyclopedias. The information ranges from specific topics to broad subjects.

    Chatting, texting, emailing and blogging form the basis of the digital-age social network. There are scores of ways to connect, both personally and professionally, with people both near and far.

    Don’t lug a hefty hardbound or dog-eared paperback if you’ve got an iPhone. Classics, poetry, scripture, romance, fiction, graphic novels and kid’s titles; they’re all in the Books app category.

    Are you a rabid sports fan, devoted college alum, outdoorsman (or woman) into skiing, cycling, football, baseball and basketball? There’s a Sports app for your passion, no matter what color you bleed.

    Going “green” is a trendy catchphrase for a longtime, ecologically sound idea. Do your part to care for our world using an eco-friendly app to make it fun and easy.

    Do everything better and faster. Manage your garden, convert units or even comparison shop with an iPhone utility app.

    The iPhone isn’t just for playing games and listening to music. It can work as hard as you do to find a job, deliver news and take notes as you climb the corporate ladder or run your own business.